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renaissance festival pictures


breanna and I watched the bag pipe players for quite a while, both days. I love the bag pipes SO MUCH. one day, i will learn how to play them. Both breanna and i wish we were scottish haha. Brea bought one of their cd's...i should ask for a copy.

there were outdoor theaters around the grounds. The theaters had these beautiful canopies of leaves, vines, and root systems. It was soo cool.


This is a really bad picture of a really beautiful cape. Black and red velvet, huge hood... $200.00 <3

another bad picture of one of the buildings.

a HUGE windchime that was hung in the bell tower of one of the buildings. Priced at $2,000 something. It had a gorgeous bass ring to it.

This lady had really pretty wings....yet you can barley see them in this picture :0/
She hand beaded her corset and made her wings. She also had the CUTEST business card... She is an artist so her business car was her website printed on a small scrolled up peice of paper placed into a little corked vial filled with fairy dust.


oops, he was knocked down.

some fungi.

a building in "the shire"

even the kids were dressed up.

tons of really beautiful dresses. Lots of hoop skirts and authentic dress.

people dancing with ribbons

wow, there sure were alot of trees! (i wish we had real trees down here)

a viking

people walking

a wizard?

they had some really pretty water gardens... but unfortunatly my camera was low on battery :0(

this guy was really cool. Check out those HOOVES!! he posed a nice pose for my picture, bearing fangs and all. I was wearing my "artists have more fun" shirt, and he asked if i had more fun than a barrel of dead monkies. haha WHAT???

the mud fairies. they were too-cute. a guy and a girl. they communicated in their own little language of meeps and peeps. They both loved my shirt haha. They just sat in the clay and built these cute little sculptures. Check out the guys dreds \m/

stupid morning car picture

\m/ \m/ \m/\m/ \m/ \m/\m/ \m/ \m/ a centar ! that was beyond cool.

fireworks at the end of the day

more fireworks

its hard to take pictures of fireworks while walking

Oh my goodness....what beauty... a wooden framed chapel covered in flowering vines. Pretty cement molded benches and an extravegant celtic blue cross with an irredesant inlayed cetlic knot in the center adorned the chapel. A rose garden, an edible flowers and plants garden, and a water garden surrounded the chapel. What a beautiful place to be married at.


@_! @_! @_! @_! @_!

holy shit check that out!
i want one of those sooooo horribly bad. $325 dollars for a genuine garment grade corset with steel boning. it was suprisingly comfortable...in fact it felt WONDERFUL. that freshly popped back feeling....continous.

a few more to come later...
and some more descriptions.
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