Happiness is just an illusion (glitterprinxess) wrote in pictures_r_us,
Happiness is just an illusion

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my face looks chubby but it shows what color my hair really looks like

*gasps* im smiling!!

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congratulations on being a colossal narcissist. You must have worked very hard to love looking at yourself as much as you do
most of the time i dont like how i look but wahts wrong w/ liking yourself sometimes?
why are you in a picture community if youre gonna talk shit?
It looks like you are going to eat me. Please don't.
eat you? wtf you're not worth me eating anyways.
Well thats very good news, I tend to enjoying living.



November 7 2003, 18:05:54 UTC 14 years ago

your teeth are yellow.
and your butt is big.
how owould you know about my butt. im not standing in any of the pictures.
I didn't have the guts to say it.
Clearly you do not know how to be a successful camwhore, as you completely bypassed one of the single most important steps: increasing the contrast by 9029048329082% so that your features are generally pretty well obscured, thus eliminating any shred of doubt that you may not in fact be the glorious gift to mankind that you would have everyone believe.

G'day to you ma'am, and better luck next time.